Winners at the Verdugo Hills Preview Horse Show 

Elvenstar congratulates our clients on another great show!

Elizabeth Anastasi and Malakai – Champion Restricted division

Ivey Burns and Conlee – Reserve Champion equitation 11/under, 2nd, 2nd, 4th 14 & under hunters

Mary Anastasi and Duke – Reserve Champion 12-14 equitation, 5th, 6th 14 & under hunters

Sarah Sharou and Vera – 1st .80 jumpers, 1st .85 jumpers, 3nd .90 jumpers

Sydney Hutchins and Orlando – 3rd warm up class, 1st Onondarka Medal, 2nd THIS medal

Paige Thompson and Chester (Malibu) – 3rd,6th,6th,7th Green Rider Division, 2nd,2nd,4th,6th Short/Long/Rusty Stirrup

Raine Murray and Bessa (Malibu) – Reserve Champion, .75 jumper, 6th Restricted Division

Natalie Burger and Shamus (Malibu) – Reserve Champion .75 jumpers, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th Restricted Division

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