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2022 National Competition Calendar

January - MayHorse ShowHorse Show
January 5-9WEF Premiere Week, Wellington FL
January 12-16WEF Week 1
January 19-23Thermal 1, DIHPWEF Week 2
January 26-30Thermal 2WEF Week 3
February 2-6Thermal 3WEF Week 4
February 9-13Thermal 4 (WCHR)WEF Week 5
February 23-27Thermal 5
WEF Week 6 (WCHR)
March 3-6Thermal 6
WEF Week 8
March 9-13Thermal 7WEF Week 9
March 16-20Thermal 8 (WCHR, RM, Young Riders)WEF Week 10
March 23-27WEF Week 11
March 30-April 3Blenheim Spring Classic I, San Juan CapistranoWEF Week 12
April 6-10Blenheim Spring Classic II
April 13-17Blenheim Spring Classic III (WCHR)
April 20-24Temecula Valley Premier (WCHR)
April 27-May 1Temecula
May 3-9Del Mar National (WCHR)
May 10-16Ranch and Coast Classic (WCHR), Del Mar
May 18-22TemeculaColorado Springs Classic
May 25-29Temecula Valley national (WCHR)Devon (WCHR)
May 25-29Colorado Spring Final
June - DecemberHorse ShowHorse Show
June 1-5TemeculaDevon (WCHR)
June 8-12Blenheim Classic I (WCHR), San Juan CapistranoTraverse City, MI
June 16-19Blenheim Classic IITraverse City, MI
June 16-19Summer in the Rockies III (WCHR)
July 6-10Traverse City, MI
July 13-17Traverse City, MI
July 20-24Blenheim Summer FestivalTraverse City, MI
July 27-31Blenheim Racing Festival (WCHR)Traverse City, MI
August 3-7Blenheim August FestivalTraverse City, MI
August 9-15Menlo Charity (WCHR), Menlo Park
August 17-21Blenheim Summer Classic (CPHA Foundation Final)
August 23-29Showpark Summer Classic, Del Mar
September 14-18Oaks Fall Tournament (Maclay/Foxfield Finals), San Jaun Capistrano
September 21-25Oaks International Jump (USEF; 3'3" Jumping & Hunter Seat)
September 27-October 3Capital Challenge EQ Weekend (NAEC, THIS), MD
October 3-9Capital Challenge (Ariat, WCHR), MD
October 11-17Harrisburg Junior Week (USEF Final), PA
October 18-24Harrisburg Senior and Open Week, PARider's Cup, LAEC Burbank
October 25-31Kentucky (NHS Final)Washington Int'l Horse Show (WIHS)
November 1-7Kentucky (Maclay Final)Sunshine Series I, Thermal
November 8-14Sunshine Series II (Zone Jumper, Int'l Derby, CPHA Style of Riding), Thermal
November 14-20Las Vegas (WCE)

We offer comprehensive training programs for equestrians interested in showing either the national or regional show circuits.

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2022 Regional Competition Calendar

January 15-16IEL #3HDHP
January 21-23LA JanuaryLAHJA A/B, LEGISHDHP
January 30IEAElvenstar
February 6IEAElvenstar
February 16-20LA FebruaryLAHJA A/B, LEGISLAEC
February 27Fun Under The Sun I
LAHJA A/B, SCHSAPaddock, Glendale
March 23-27 LA March II
March 26-27SBCRC Spring FlingSCHSASanta Barbara Cancelled
April 2-3IEL #4HDHP
April 24Elvenstar SpringLAHJA B, SCHSAElvenstar
April 22-24
April 27-May 1Flintridge Annual ShowFlintridge
May 5-8LA SpringLAHJA A/BLAEC/cancelled
May 14-15SBCRC Spring FlingSCHSAEarl Warren Show Grounds, Santa Barbara
May 19-22LA May PremierLAHJA A/BHDHP
May 26-29Memorial Day ClassicLAHJA A/BHDHP
June 1-5LA June ClassicLAHJA A/BLAEC
June 12Fun Under The Sun IILAHJA A/B, SCHSAPaddock, Glendale
June 26Elvenstar SummerLAJHA A/B, SCHSAElvenstar
July 7-10Hollywood ClassicLAHJA A/BHDHP
July 6-10EAP Training SessionElvenstar
July 17Elvenstar Stars and StripesLAHJA B, SCHSAElvenstar
July 14-17Elvenstar Huntington SummerLAHJA AHCPEC
July 20-24Santa Barbara NationalTentative - not on any association show calendars yetEarl Warren, Santa Barbara
July 31Paddock SummerLAHJA A/B, SCHSAPaddock, Glendale
August 7Fun Under The Sun IIILAHJA A/B, SCHSAPaddock, Glendale
August 11-14Huntington Summer ClassicLAHJA A/BHCPEC, Huntington Beach
August 14Elvenstar August MedalsSCHSA medals onlyElvenstar
August 24-28LA ExtravaganzaLAHJA A/BLAEC
September 1-4LA Labor DayLAHJA A/B, Medal FinalsLAEC
September 6-12Portuguese BendLAHJA A, PCHA Horsemanship FinalsPortuguese Bend
September 11Elvenstar Back to SchoolLAHJA B, SCHSAElvenstar
September 18Fun Under The Sun IVLAHJA A/B, SCHSAPaddock, Glendale
September 27-October 3Flintridge AutumnCPHA, CH/AA, Horsemanship FinalFlintridge
October 5-9LA Fall FestivalLAHJA A/B, Medal FinalsHDHP
October 12-16LA NationalLAHJA A/BLAEC
October 30Elvenstar Fall FInaleSCHSAElvenstar
November 6Paddock Fall FestivalLAHJA A/B, SCHSAPaddock, Glendale
November 11-14SBCRS Harvest FestivalSCHSAEarl Warren, Santa Barbara
November 17-20LA Season FInaleLAHJA A/BHDHP