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2024 National Competition Calendar

January to JuneNational Shows in CANational Shows Outside CA
Jan 4-8
Jan 10-14Thermal Week 1WEF Week 1, Wellington FL
Jan 17-21Thermal Week 2WEF Week 2, Wellington FL
Jan 24-28Thermal Week 3WEF Week 3, Wellington FL
Jan 31-Feb 4Thermal Week 4WEF Week 4, Wellington FL
Feb 7-11Thermal Week 5WEF Week 5, Wellington FL
Feb 14-18Thermal Week 6 (WCHR)WEF Week 6, (WCHR) Wellington FL
Feb 21-25Thermal Week 7WEF Week 7, Wellington FL
Feb 28-Mar 3Thermal Week 8WEF Week 8, Wellington FL
Mar 6-10Thermal Week 9WEF Week 9, Wellington FL
Mar 13-17Thermal Week 10 (WCHR)WEF Week 10, Wellington FL
Mar 20-24WEF Week 11, Wellington FL
Mar 27-31WEF Week 12 (WCHR), Wellington FL
Apr 3-7Blenheim Spring Classic I - San Juan Capistrano
Apr 10-14Blenheim Spring Classic II - San Juan Capistrano
Apr 17-21Temecula Premier I
Apr 24-28Temecula Premier II
May 1-5
May 8-12San Juan Capistrano International
May 15-19Blenheim Surf & Turf Classic (WCHR)Kentucky/Old Salem
May 22-26Devon (WCHR)

Rose in May? Paso Robles
May 29-Jun 2Devon Amateur Week
Jun 5-9Traverse City Spring I
Jun 12-16Traverse City Spring II
Jun 19-23LA June Classic II - LAECTraverse City Spring III (WCHR)
Jun 26-30Blenheim June Classic - San Juan CapistranoJun 27-Jul 1 Junior Hunter Finals East, Traverse City
July to NovemberNational Shows in CANational Shows Outside CA
Jul 3-7
Jul 10-14
Jul 17-21Blenheim Summer Festival (CPHA Foundation Finals) - San Juan Capistrano
Jul 22-24Del Mar Junior Hunter Finals and Gladstone Cup
Jul 25-28Del Mar Summer Spectacular
Jul 31-Aug 4Del Mar Festival 1
Aug 7-11
Aug 14-18
Aug 21-25
Aug 28-Sep 1
Sep 4-8
Set 11-15Blenheim Fall Tournament (Maclay/Foxfield Finals, PCHA 2'9" Final)) - San Juan Capistrano
Sep 18-22International Jumping Festival -(USEF Talent Search 3’3" Jumping and Hunter Seat) - San Juan Capistrano
Sep 25-29Cap Challenge Eq Weekend (NAEC, THIS) - MD
Oct 2-6Cap Challenge Hunter Week (Ariat, WCHR) - MD
Oct 9-13Harrisburg Junior Week (USEF Final) - PA
Oct 16-20Harrisburg Senior and Open Week - PA
Oct 23-27Washington Int’l Horse Show (WIHS) – MD
Kentucky (NHS Final)
Oct 30-Nov 3Kentucky Maclay Finals
Nov 6-10Sunshine Series II Zone Jumper, CPHA Style Of Riding, Onondarka, NCEA -Thermal
Nov 13-17Las Vegas National

We offer comprehensive training programs for equestrians interested in showing either the national or regional show circuits.

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2024 Regional Competition Calendar

January to DecemberRegional Shows
Jan 7IEA home show
Jan 10-14
Jan 17-21
Jan 24-281/28 Fun under The Sun 1 @Paddock, Glendale
Jan 31-Feb 4
Feb 7-112/11 Paddock February @Paddock, Glendale
Feb 14-182/18 IEA Regionals @Chestnut Hills
Feb 21-252/22-25 Gold Coast February @HDHP
Feb 28-Mar 3
Mar 6-10
Mar 13-17
Mar 20-243/23-24 - IEL #3 and #4 @HDHP, Lake View Terrace
Mar 27-313/27-31 LA Spring Classic @LAEC, Burbank
Apr 3-74/6 Fun Under the Sun 2 @Paddock, Glendale
Apr 10-144/13-14 IEL #5 and #6 @HDHP, Lake View Terrace
Apr 17-214/19-21 Gold Coast April @HDHP, Lake View Terrace
Apr 24-284/25-28 Flintridge Annual Show - Flintridge
May 1-55/5 Paddock Hunter/Jumper @Paddock, Glendale
May 15-195/17-19 Gold Coast May @HDHP, Lake View Terrace
May 22-26
May 29-Jun26/2 Fun Under The Sun 3 @Paddock, Glendale
Jun 5-96/7-9 Gold Coast June @HDHP, Lake View Terrace
Jun 12-16
Jun 19-236/20-23 LA June Classic @ LAEC, Burbank
Jun 26-30
Jul 3-77/5-7 Gold Coast July @HDHP, Lake View Terrace
Jul 10-14USHJA EAP
Jul 17-21
Jul 24-287/28 Paddock Hunter/Jumper @Paddock, Glendale
Jul 31-Aug 48/2-4 Gold Coast August @HDHP, Lake View Terrace
Aug 7-11
Aug 14-188/14-18 LA Summer Classic @LAEC, Burbank
(SCHSA Medal Finals)
Aug 21-25
Aug 28-Sep 18/30-9/1 Gold Coast Labor Day @HDHP
(LAHJA Copper and Silver Finals)
Sep 4-89/6-8 Portuguese Bend (PCHA Horsemanship Finals)
Sep 11-159/15 Fun Under The Sun 4 @Paddock, Glendale
Sep 18-22
Sep 25-299/26-29 Flintridge Autumn @Flintridge
(CPHA CH/AA, Horsemanship Final)
Oct 2-610/4-6 Gold Coast October @HDHP, Lake View Terrace (LAHJA Bronze and Gold Finals)
Oct 9-13
Oct 16-20
Oct 23-27
Oct 30-Nov 311/3 Paddock Hunter Jumper @Paddock, Glendale
Nov 6-1011/8-10 Gold Coast Finale @HDHP, Lake View Terrace
Nov 13-17



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