Riding Academy at Moorpark


Through our Riding Academy, we offer various Lesson Programs and Specialty Programs unique to Elvenstar and designed for riders of all levels. The course descriptions and pricing listed on this page are for our Moorpark facility.

Please contact our Orange County facility 714 842 5555 for details on their specific programs.

All riders will need to provide their own ASTM/SEI certified Equestrian Riding Helmet and Safety Vest.  We can provide a loaner helmet and vest for a rider’s first few visits to Elvenstar.

Payment is due at time of service. Please note that a 3% service charge will be added to all credit card transactions.

    • Evaluation Lesson
      • $75.00 for beginner riders and $90.00 for advanced riders. Evaluation lessons must be paid for when the appointment is made. Evaluation lessons are non-refundable, but can be rescheduled if given prior notice. 
      • Elvenstar requires all riders new to our program to schedule a Private Evaluation Lesson. This lesson is an opportunity to introduce you to our program and allow your instructor to assess your current skill level. Afterward, the instructor will discuss your goals in order to develop a program to best suit your needs.
      • Elvenstar values horsemanship and safety. Riders will be required to complete a minimum of 2 horsemanship lessons or pass a practical horsemanship test before scheduling group or private riding lessons.
      • Introductory package: Two horsemanship lessons, and one private lesson for $220.00. This package is only available for purchase on the day of your evaluation lesson. Package lessons must be used within 30 days of purchase. Packages are not refundable.
      • What will you need on your first day? You should wear long pants and a boot with a heel (no high heels please). We have riding helmets and vests available to borrow for your evaluation lesson. You are welcome to bring your own riding helmet and safety vest if it is ATSM/SEI approved.
      • Please give a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel a lesson. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (805) 529-2800.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork. We ask you to please advise us at the time you make your appointment of any physical limitations that may affect your ability to ride.
    • Mommy & Me (Daddies welcome too!)
      • 4 session series – $195.00
        Parent and child work together with the help of an instructor. Your child will develop the balance, strength, and coordination it takes to make their pony walk, trot, turn, and stop. This is series of 4 weekly 45 minute lesson for children ages 3 – 6. Maximum of 5 riders. Elvenstar can provide a loaner riding helmet and vest for our Mommy & Me riders.
      • Please call the office, 805 529 2800 with any questions.
    • Level 1
      • A walk/trot class designed for young riders that have moved up from Mommy & Me. The focus is on improving their riding skills as they develop the muscle and balance required to handle a small horse or pony. Students will learn basic terminology used in horsemanship. This is a 45 minute lesson with a maximum of 5 riders.
    • Level 2
      • A walk/trot class designed for young riders that are just starting their riding adventure. The focus is on improving their riding skills as they develop the muscle and balance required to handle a horse or pony. Students will learn basic terminology used in horsemanship. This is a 45 minute lesson with a maximum of 6 riders.
    • Level 3
      • A walk/trot class designed to build a strong foundation and strengthen the rider.  Working without stirrups will continue and work over ground poles will be introduced. The goal of this class is to improve strength, balance, and proper position.
    • Level 4
      • Students will continue working on correct body position and proper handling of the horse. Riders will learn to recognize the correct diagonal at the trot, perform circles, figure eights, and obstacle courses to challenge their abilities and build a strong foundation. When the rider is ready, cantering will be introduced. Students will continue to learn terminology including horse colors, parts of the horse, and parts of the saddle and bridle. This is an hour long lesson with a maximum of 6 riders.
    • level 5
      • This lesson will bring riders their first experience with jumping. Students will continue to practice control at the canter, be introduced to cantering as a group, and will learn about leads at the canter. They will work on upward and downward transitions and will jump their first cross-rails in preparation for their advancement to Beginning Jump. Riders will review and learn new elements of horsemanship in this 1-hour lesson. Riders will need to arrive early as they are responsible to tack their horse. They are also responsible to take care of their horse post lesson. Maximum of 8 riders.
    • Level 6
      • Students will learn to ride straight lines, use their arena, and square their corners in order to beautifully execute a full course of cross-rails. Flying lead changes will be introduced. Riders will review and learn new elements of horsemanship in this 1-hour lesson. Rider is responsible to tack/untack their horse. Maximum of 8 riders.
    • Level 7
      • In this class, students will continue to use their skills and improve their riding ability. They will work over higher jumps that will consist of verticals, bending lines and rollbacks. Riders at our Intermediate Jump level must provide their own properly fitted tack. This is a one hour lesson. Maximum of 8 riders.
    • Private Lessons
      • Priced per 1/2 hour
        • Please call the school office at 805 529 2800, or contact your trainer to schedule private lessons.

If you are a first time rider to Elvenstar please call 805-529-2800 to set up your Evaluation Lesson!

All riders need a completed General Release form on file.

For the safety and comfort of riders and horses: rider maximum height 6’0″, maximum weight 170lbs. The final decision is at the sole discretion of the Riding Academy.

Please note that Elvenstar is not a Certified Equine Therapy Riding Center for “Special Needs Riders”. Under federal regulations all riding centers participating in Equine Therapy and their employees must be licensed, insured and certified by “Equine Assisted Activity Therapy” (EAAT) and the “Professional Association of Therapy Horseman International “(PATH). For your convenience we have listed below some local, qualified riding centers.

Special Equestrian Riding Therapy


If you are a current student you can schedule your lesson online HERE!



Cantuccini and Kayla Lott in the ASPCA Regionals

Mary Anastasi very nice Maclay Regional round!!!

Paris Sommerfeld Champion Rosewood Medal Final 2014

Round 2 Vancouver & Kayla Lott CPHA Foundation

Sydney Hutchins, Maclay Finals First Round

WCE National Preview- Kayla Lott

Kayla Lott Riding in the Emerging Athlets Program with Olympician Joe Fargis!

Alex – Hunter Derby


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