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The mission of IEA is to introduce students in private and public middle and secondary schools (primarily ages 11 through 19) to equestrian sports.

For student equestrians in grades 6-12, the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) was established in the spring of 2002 and held its first annual national finals event the following year in Willoughby, Ohio. A non-profit organization, the IEA has grown both geometrically and geographically each year. Beginning with just 200 participants, the IEA now has over 8,000 members in 32 states across North America.


If you would like to find out more, or join IEA contact Kaycee at kayceebischoff@hotmail.com

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Plan your next Scout Event at Elvenstar Farms

Spend a couple of hours discovering the wonderful world of horses. We begin by fitting each rider with an approved safety  helmet. We’ll teach you how to mount, how to hold the reins, and we’ll properly adjust your stirrups. Then, we’re off to the arena where you’ll learn some riding basics, how to steer, stop, walk & trot, & we’ll play some games on horseback.

Once we return to the barn area & dismount, you will receive a lesson in horsemanship & grooming. Our picnic area is available for you to enjoy after your event if you’d like to bring lunch or refreshments.

Scout Events available on Saturdays & Sundays

Minimum 5 riders – Maximum 16 riders
$45.00 per rider

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We offer this class through the Conejo Valley (search on “horse” in their programs) and Simi Valley (click on the Oak Park brochure) Parks & Recreation Departments. Registration is through each Parks and Recreation website or call Conejo Valley at (805) 495-6471, Simi Valley at (805) 584-4400. Available to newcomers only.

    • 4 lesson package tailored to the beginning, returning, or rider new to the English discipline.
    • Each 1 hour session will consist of 45 minutes mounted and 15 minutes horsemanship lesson.
    • Riders will learn proper handling of the horse, mounting and dismounting, and correct body position. Students will learn control at the walk and trot, including posting and two point. In addition, on the ground education including basic horsemanship skills such as grooming, tacking, and identifying parts of the horse.