Cribbing occurs when a horse grabs a whole object and curves their neck while swallowing air. Cribbing is considered to be one of the stable vices, same as weaving and wood chewing. Some boarding facilities will not want to stable horses with these vices because they slowly but surely destroy fences and stalls. It is also believed that cribbing can cause colic, and weight loss among other issues. Some people believe that is caused by boredom as it is restricted to the domesticated horse (wild, free-ranging horses do not crib) and by budding horses with others , one can prevent or reduce cribbing.

Some interesting speculations about cribbing (there is really no scientific proof for these):

  • Thoroughbreds and warm bloods might be at a higher risk of getting injured than any other breeds.
  • Horses most likely do not teach other horses how to crib.