Groom Profile


Grooms in the equine industry play such an essential role in the daily care and maintenance of horses. Most of the time, they are in the background, working hard to keep our horses shiny, happy, and healthy. Arturo Villalpando, the Head Regional Groom, is one of our most experienced and long-term grooms .

Arturo Villalpando has been a professional groom at Elvenstar for 18 years. He grew up in Cueramavo, Mexico. He has two children named Sandra, who is 14 years old, and Arturo, who is 11 years old. When he came to Elvenstar to interview for a job, and he fell in love with the facility. “It was a really beautiful place, and it has become more beautiful over the years.” He enjoys having his children having the opportunity to grow up around horses when they come to visit him at work. He stated, “I didn’t have much experience around horses when I was young, so it is nice for my kids to have that chance to be around them.”

What is your favorite part about working at Elvenstar?

I really enjoy spending time with the horses and making them look their best for the clients.

What is the hardest part of the job?

Cleaning up the horses right after they come in from the turn out, especially if they are grey!

What tools or products are essential to your grooming kit?

Nothing fancy, just the basics. A good quality curry comb is the most important. I really like the Hands on Grooming Gloves, because I can get around the legs well and also hold other brushes while wearing them. Also important  to have is a good stiff brush, soft brush, a comb, towels, fly spray, show sheen, a hoof pick, and, of course, cookies for the horses.

What advice can you give to students wanting to improve their grooming skills?

Just do your best and work really hard. And curry, curry, curry! That’s the secret to a shiny coat. The more you brush and spend time with your horse, the better the coat will look and you will bond with your horse. Grooming and taking care of your horse on the ground is such an important part of being a good horse person.

What horse is your favorite horse to groom?

I don’t have a favorite. They are all so different with their own personalities, it would be impossible to choose. My kids really like Charlie because he is really sweet like a puppy. They always come to the barn and ask, “Where is Charlie?“

We are so lucky to have Arturo as a part of our Elvenstar family for so many years. The grooms are such an important part of the Elvenstar team, and we are extremely grateful to them.