Did you know?


The BLM uses freeze marking to identify captured wild horses. Freeze marking is a permanent and unalterable way to identify each individual horse. It is applied on the left side of the neck. It utilizes the International Alpha Angle System, which uses a series of angles, and alpha-symbols that cannot be changed. The mark contains the Registering Organization (U.S. Government), year of birth, and registration number.

The following graph illustrates how to read a freeze mark:

Arizona                80001-160000

California            160001-240000

Colorado              240001-320000

Idaho                    320001-400000

Montana              400001-480000

Nevada                 480001-640000

New Mexico        640001-720000

Oregon                 0-800000

Utah                      720001-800000

Wyoming             800001-880000

Eastern States    880001-880100



Our very own school pony, Paige, bears one of these marks. See if you can figure out how old she is and where she is from!