Elvenstar Clubhouse is once again buzzing with life

The Elvenstar Clubhouse, located above the main training barn, recently came out of its shell.  Kids and parents alike, cleaned the whole clubhouse by scrubbing, sweeping, dusting cobwebs, and bringing it back to life.  Jim Hagman decided that he would take the next step and had the whole clubhouse repainted with a nice, white finish.  He also installed built-in cabinets for some much needed storage.  Additionally, the Elvenstar kids and parents hung up many pictures on the walls that had deep meaning and history.  When you walk into the clubhouse, you see older pictures of Jim Hagman, many legendary Elvenstar riders, and world renowned riders such as Susan Hutchinson.

The clubhouse instantly drew attention.  Kids wanted to know more about the significance of the photos, while also longing for a place to call their own.  From clinics and birthday parties, to IEA meetings, the clubhouse is once again buzzing with plenty of excitement.