Elvenstar rocks the 2018 LAHJA Rosewood 14/under Medal Finals!!

Alex Farfaras – Champion, and Nicole McMillion Reserve Champion 2018 Rosewood Medal Finals

The 2018 LAHJA Rosewood Medal Finals were held at the Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center. This is a new venue for this final and the competitors were not disappointed. Although the weather was hot and humid, the location a few miles form the beach provided a little breeze to help cool the horses and riders. The arena was beautifully decorated with lovely jumps and a very nice course. We were welcomed by our Elvenstar Orange County location and we had a wonderful time there!

The narrowness of the arena gave the riders a challenge but was not too difficult so the top riders were really able to shine!!! Elvenstar riders Hannah Gansert, Julia Nickl, Alex Farfaras, Nicole McMillion (Elvenstar orange County) and Maddy Esses competed in this two round final.

The first day was a course that flowed a bit more like a hunter type course with some long bending lines and a couple of rollbacks. There were options to take some inside tracks, or to go around very smoothly. Some riders chose to go around and some were able to make nice inside turns. At the end of the first round, Alex was in the lead, Nicole 2nd, Hannah 5th, Julia 6th, and Maddy 11th of a field of 15 finalists.

The second round had a few more rollbacks and L turns, that gave the riders a real chance to show off. Both Alex and Nicole put in very well done inside tracks and smooth turns to again be on top with scores in the high 80’s.  Hannah, and Maddy both turned in very solid rounds, and Julia’s second round was spectacular aside from one miscommunication which created a stop but all in all Elvenstar riders were super!!!

Going into the work off it was Alex in 1st, Nicole in 2nd and the 3rd and 4th place riders were 8 points behind the leaders.

The test included leaving the line to canter a jump off a turn, a hand gallop, a trot jump , a bending line, perform two simple changes across the diagonal line and post trot back to the line.  The 3rd and 4th place riders performed their tests, then Nicole who set the bar high for Alex as she took a chance on some very slick inside turns and performed them without a flaw.  She had one very slight bobble on a simple change across the diagonal, but Alex was still going to have to work hard to stay on top. She showed the inside turns as Nicole did and two very smooth simple changes which left her in the lead.

Elvenstar had clinched the Champion and Reserve Champion spots in the Final!!!! Congratulations to all our  riders!!!

Alex Farfaras – Champion

Nicole McMillion – Reserve Champion

Hannah Gansert – 10th place